What We Do


We are dedicated to providing strong and credible leadership in publicly funded housing issues in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

APHAA assists Housing Administrators in their responsibility to provide professional administrative services to their employers and the best possible housing to their communities through ongoing education, networking and support.

Our objectives state that the Association is

To promote the continued development and support of Alberta’s public housing facilities, through the coordinated efforts of its membership.

To facilitate communication and the sharing of ideas and concerns of the membership.

To promote the continued development, education, and support of all administrators involved in public housing agencies.

We hold two meetings each year. One in the fall and one in the spring. These sessions are opportunities to network with our peers and hear the experiences they have had and to share our own experience. Senior Officials from government are invited on occasion to explain new policy and discuss current and emerging issues.

Industry specific education is a primary focus of our Association.  We have developed a series of Core Competency Education Modules and seminars that provide ongoing professional education opportunities for our industry.

We are asked on a regular basis to provide representation on various government committees researching and developing approaches to current issues and future planning.

We strive to provide our membership with current information and an opportunity to share concerns and successes.

We encourage members to share their knowledge and experiences with others who need help. Many large and small agencies have learned from one another through their association as members of APHAA.

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