Core Competency Education Modules

"I leave the sessions of every module humbled!! Just when you think you know it all your peers either instruct you in new improved ideas or the networking adds the exact solution you were looking for. 

I should be ashamed to admit it - I've been in the business for 20 years and tend to think I do a damned good job but every session teaches me more tricks to our trade! 

I consider APHAA the information gurus and would advise everyone to take advantage of the opportunities the modules present."     Sylvia Wold, CAO

Photo Sylvia Wold

In recognition of APHAA’s commitment to professional development, the Association (in 2008) adopted a Core Competency Education Strategy, mandatory for Association membership, and recommended for all senior managers of publicly funded housing agencies. 

Our professional development strategy was built on the belief of our membership that, because of the ever-increasing complexity of housing administration, a successful chief administrative officer (CAO) of any publicly funded housing agency must possess strong knowledge and have skills in a wide variety of areas. The CAO must recognize that certain basic areas of knowledge and skills must be customized to the particular nature of their agency, our industry and the current environment (political, social, economic and technological). 

These are the Core Competency Areas our Association believes are the foundation on which a successful CAO career will be developed and thereby provide the stakeholders of our industry what they deserve; effective, efficient housing administration.  The Competencies are shown below group in the Five Education Modules that have been developed. The competency of "Legislation" is built into each of the individual Modules. 

For information on when and where these modules will be presented, please click on the module links above or visit our website's Events Page.

In addition to the Core Competency Modules, we offer an Orientation Course for new Cheif Administrative Officers and other Senior Housing Administrators. 

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