Draw To Attend Conferences


APHAA intends to send two delegates to each of the following Conferences. Use the links below for more information on the conferences.

Registration and travel costs for the delegates will be covered by APHAA.

ONPHA Conference & Trade Show - Toronto, October 25-28, 2018

BCNPHA Housing Central Conference - Vancouver, November 18-20, 2018

A seperate draw for each conference will be held at the Annual General Meeting May 3, 2018 to choose the delegates.

Entry Submission Deadline is 1:00pm MST, April 30th, 2018

APHAA reserves the right to reject any and all entries.

All APHAA Members are eligible to enter this draw, except those who attended the 2017 BCNPHA Housing Central Conference as APHAA delegates.

To enter your name for the draw, please complete and submit the form below. Only one submission per member will be accepted.

APHAA Conference Delegate Draw Entry Form


Please indicate which conferences you are interested in attending




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