Article 6 of our Association Bylaws provides for the establishment of   a  number of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.

The Executive draw the Committee Members from the membership of the Association, trying to ensure representation from a cross section of our Membership. The Chair of each committee is a member of the Executive, providing liason between the Executive and all committees.

All Committee Meetings are at the call of the Chair. If you are logged on as a member you can view the meeting notes for past committee meetings by Clicking Here. locked file

The following Committees are currently constituted. Click on the links to view details on any committee. 

Communications Conference Planning Education
Membership Selection    


If you are interested in serving on a committee please contact us.

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Communications / Public Relations 

The work of this committee involves:

  • Production and distribution of the Association Newsletter
  • Distribution of information to the members by mail, email, and web
    postings and other appropriate means
  • Create opportunities for the Membership to communicate their ideas, concerns and issues with each other, government and others
  • To promote the Association at conferences, trade shows, etc. as
    directed by the Association
  • Development of tools to be used by the Association to inform and
    deal with the public and industry members
  • Development of internal communication tools used by the Association
  • Identifying stakeholders with whom the Association should establish communication lines

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Communications Committee Membership

Name Position
Geoff Olson Chair
Jeanette Leafloor Member
Lawrence Braul Member
Sarah Price Member

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Conference Planning

This work of this committee involves:

  • Planning and coordinating the meeting space, meals and social
    opportunities at Association meetings and events.
  • Surveying the membership on their satisfaction with each event and their input to planning for future events.

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Conference Planning Committee Membership

Lori St. Arnault Chair
Randeen Burr Member
Outi Kite Member
Susan Sarrasin Member
Lynn Olenek Member

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The work of this committee involves:

  • Planning and Coordinating Education Sessions on behalf of the
  • Surveying the membership to determine educational needs of the
  • Oversee and direct the development and the maintenance of the
    Professional Development Resource Center
  • Oversee and administer the Professional Development Strategy of the Association, making recommendations for change and/or

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Education Committee Membership

Mark Hoosein Chair
Cam McDonald Member
Shelley Sweet Member
Marlys Jordan Member
Tim Janzen Member
Gail Haynes Member
Aminda Galappaththi Member

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Membership Selection

The work of this committee involves:

  • Approving membership applications
  • Making recommendatons to the Executive on Membership Application Appeals. 

Membership Selection Committee Membership

Lawrence Braul Chair
Lauren Ingalls Member
Connie Surgeon Member
Marlene Krokosh Member

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